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We can gate nearly any opening and mounting requirement.  We know that you are concerned that there is not damage to your hand rail posts or spindles.  As such, we use special mounts that clamp around these.  or To find out how we mount these gates to walls or posts, see our the Gate Mounting page. 

We can also paint and/or stain the mounts to match your décor.  All of our gates are removable without the use of a tool. 

We can also make custom gates that better match your home's decor. We can also install gates from GateKeeper, a company that only makes custom gates.

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and Consumer Reports recommends that gates at top of stairs only be hardware-mounted gates (e.g., hardware is screwed into either side of the stairwell or walls to secure the gate in place, and that the gate be set so that it only swings in one direction, away from the stairwell).  Because of this, Colorado Childproofers only installs hardware-mounted gates because of inherent problems with pressure-mounted ones.

For use in other areas, many of our hardware-mounted gates offer the versatility of being able to be set to swing in one or both directions. Quick-release hardware allows you to remove the gate altogether without a tool.  

Below are pictures of the gates that we install.  All of the gates are available in both white and black (exception to this is the retractable gate which is only available in white). 

Articulating Gate 84” Wide & More With Extensions, 30.5” Tall


Custom Gate Mounts painted and stained to match home décor. 

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