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With regards to drawer and cabinet latches, there is no magic rule as to which type will work.  We commonly will put in three or four different types of latches, sometimes all in the same room.  These can be based upon frame characteristics, space limitations, desire for having the most “secure” latching mechanisms, and countertop overhangs.  Sometimes we have to install latches on the side of the drawer. 

If security is a key issue, we will put in latches where we can.  Otherwise, we will sometimes put in two latches per drawer or cabinet as most children don’t have the hand dexterity or cognitive capabilities to open two at the same time. 

For all of the latches and locks we install, we will have to drill into your cabinets and drawers to make them work properly, with the exception of adhesively-mounted magnetic latches, where we may be able to install these on cabinet doors without screws (although there are some where it is required to have screws).  If you have any questions, give us a call.  Below are some pictures of latches we commonly install. 

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