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Due to the hazards of having a pool or hot tub with a toddler, Colorado Childproofers installs Guardian Pool Fence Systems equipment, recognized as the finest and most reliable pool & hot tub safety fencing and gates on the market. 

For reference, studies done by the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission have shown that almost 70% of swimming pool accidents occurred when BOTH PARENTS WERE HOME AND WATCHING THE CHILD,10% occurred when responsible adults other than parents and 20% of accidents in swimming pools occurred when the children were being watched by a sitter or a sibling. Of all the accidents that do occur around a pool with small children, 77% of those children had been seen within the previous five minutes! 

Even having a pool cover is not enough, as children have been known to walk out on to these after a heavy rainstorm and drown due to the collected water ON TOP of the pool cover and drown (see article on boy in critical condition after near drowning).  Further, just having a hot tub cover is not enough protection (see article on Jack Nicklaus’ grandson who died in a hot tub accident).  It is a rare time for us to find a locked hot tub cover.  They are easy to pick up for a child to get under the cover, but nearly impossible for them to get out after they crawl under it.   

Guardian Pool Fence manufactures a fences in 4 and 5 foot heights in a wide variety of fencing & post colors and many options. 

Contact us today for a quote on installing a pool or hot tub fence for your home. 

In-Ground / Above Ground Pool Alarms - This alarm cannot be deactivated and will sound when it is removed from the pool.  It has a Sleep Mode for when you want to use the pool.  It also has a remote receiver / alarm unit that will sound when the master unit sounds.  It will work on pools up to 20’ X 40’.  Meets ASTM Pool Alarm Standard F2208.  Regarded as the best pool alarm system available. 

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