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Louie Delaware
The Home Safety Guru®
Colorado's Most Experienced & Home Safety Expert

Colorado Childproofers LLC has helped over 3,800 families (AND COUNTING!) make their homes safer and less stressful since its founding in 2004, by Louie Delaware.

Louie Deleware - Home Safety GuruLouie came to childproofing homes after 22 years in the field of advanced R&D for medical and analytical devices, where he has many different patents awarded to him, and received the prestigious International R&D 100 Award.  He is also a Licensed General Contractor and certified Radon Mitigator.

Almost as if he planned it, Louie’s past education and training integrated seamlessly into this new passion for preventing injuries and saving lives – particularly new crawlers and explorers.

As a parent, and later as a contractor, Louie noticed that friends and clients frequently turned to him for childproofing guidance. He and his wife Judy devised a few methods of their own based on trial and error, but it became apparent Louie would have to increase his knowledge to adequately childproof homes.

Safety became his passion and Louie decided to become a Child & Home Safety Professional. This special training and perspective led to the founding of Colorado Childproofers, LLC. He is proud to be known as The Home Safety Guru®, the Professional Childproofer and Home Safety Expert.  The Home Safety Guru® is a registered Trademark with the United State Patent & Trademark Office.

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