Frequently Asked Questions

When should I childproof my home? ››
It really depends on your child. Some children become mobile at 6 months or younger, others occur later. But you can never predict when it will happen. As such, our recommendation is to install childproofing goods by the age 6-7 months. Items like our gates can easily be removed from their wall mounts without tools so they are not in your way, and then reinstalled very quickly the magic day your child starts moving.

What criteria do you use for choosing your products? ››
The products we use are carefully chosen to ensure they are effective, durable, and easy to use by adults. We carefully choose products based on personal testing and recommendations from other experienced professional childproofers throughout the country. We also value the input from our clients so please feel free to contact us if you are not completely satisfied with your safety products. Many of our products are not commonly available to the general public or are only available to professional childproofers.

What type of warranty do you provide for your products and installations? ››
We stand by our products and installations. We offer a limited warranty in which we’ll replace any equipment or goods that contain a manufacturing defect and/or repair/reinstall safety devices as needed (excluding adhesive-type devices) for a period of 6 months. Products damaged, however, by misuse or abuse, are not covered.

Will you install a safety device (e.g., safety gate, latches) that I purchased from a local retailer? ››
We choose not to do this because the items you have purchased may not be our preferred products of choice in terms of quality, ease of use, and proper installation. Further, we would not be able to guarantee the customer-supplied products since it is not one of our own.

Will you install a pressure mounted gate at the top of stairs? ››
We get this question quite frequently as pressure mounted gates typically don’t damage walls or door frames. But the risks of these popping out with your child tumbling down the stairs with it significantly outweigh any cosmetic or aesthetic benefit. So when we are asked this question, we will respectfully decline the request.

Do you offer gift certificates? ››
Yes! Need a great gift idea for new parents and parents-to-be? Give them a Colorado Childproofers gift certificate! We offer them in any amount. Just call or email us and we will be glad to help you out with this unique and thoughtful gift.

Can you install a safety gate without drilling holes into my banister? ››
About 99% of the time, the answer is YES! We’ll can show you how this done.

What if I decide not to purchase anything after my survey? ››
You are not obligated and should not feel pressured to purchase anything. We only hope you protect your child with the best of your ability and feel you’ve gained some valuable information after our visit. If you find a need for our childproofing services later, you can always call us back!

Why doesn't Colorado Childproofers carry the accordion style gates? ››
Because children can climb over the gate by putting their feet in the openings, the child can pinch their fingers in the gate if the gate accordion closes. If the child tries to climb over the gate, they can get a piece of clothing caught on the top of the gate causing choking or even strangulation.

Why does Colorado Childproofers recommend an electrical safety plate rather than plastic plug inserts to cover outlets? ››
The plastic plugs are mouth size and a child can choke on it (click here to see the Consumer Reports article on plastic plugs). They can easily be pulled out by a child or if one is left out (we see that often in surveys) then you have an exposed outlet and a choking hazard. We use a safety plate in which the doors over the outlet snap shut when a cord is pulled out, therefore a child cannot get into the electrical outlet.

Is a toilet lock really necessary? ››
In two words, ABSOLUTELY YES! Children are fascinated by water and love to throw things in the toilet (like portable phones, a toy car or jewelry). More importantly, because of the child's fascination, they lean over the toilet and because they are top heavy, they can fall in. Now, because they do not have the ability to push themselves out, and they are face first in the toilet, they drown.

How do I know if my stair railings are safe? And, why does Colorado Childproofers recommend rigid plastic sheeting and not netting? ››
As per current building code, balusters or horizontal rails should not be more than 4”. But be aware that a better guideline is to use the 3.5" dimension between spindles, railings or openings as established in the standards for playground equipment. If the spacing is more than 3.5", we recommend putting rigid plastic sheeting with tie-wraps to prevent the child from falling through or getting their head stuck in between the balusters. Flexable deck netting may be easily pulled up and to make netting as secure as possible, it needs to be screwed into the floor. If there are any horizontal poles or curved designs, the child can still climb with netting. Rigid plastic sheeting creates a clear wall which typically does not damage railings or floors.

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