The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Childproofer

Professional childproofing is a unique service that works best with your particular needs in mind.  Professional childproofers will evaluate your home to identify potential risk areas relevant to your child’s age and other circumstances and advise solutions. They are trained to spot things that are not readily apparent to you and help make your childproofing project as easy and convenient as possible. You may choose to implement the solutions yourself or hire the childproofer for installation.  Usually about half of what is suggested are actions you must take yourself. 

Professional Childproofers take child safety and home surveys very seriously and assume you do as well if you have taken the time to call them. 

A Professional Childproofer will:

· Give you objective advice

· Conduct a safety evaluation of the interior and exterior of your home

· Provide appropriate, high quality home safety products

· Properly install products

· Customize solutions to fit your unique needs

Any handy person can say that they can childproof your home.  But you wouldn’t want to take risks with your child with someone who really doesn’t know what the real safety risks are and how to address them. 

Before using someone, you should ask the following questions:

- Do they have the right credentials?  Better yet, are they an Advanced Certified Professional Childproofer? Ask for their background in child and home safety.

- Have they passed an independent background check to ensure you are using someone who does not have a criminal background.

- How many homes have they childproofed?

- How long have they been in business?  You can look this up at

- Do they do this work on a full-time basis?

- Can they give you references of their past childproofing work?

- Do they warrant their installations?

Overall Best Practices

Colorado Childproofers, LLC, led by Louie Delaware, fully appreciates and understands the best way to grow the business is through word-of-mouth advertising from satisfied customers who were pleased with their services and pricing.

With this in mind they provide professional, courteous service that will provide appropriate measures, quality products and proper installation – We even provide a written warranty on the goods we install. 

Colorado Childproofers also takes into consideration that people want the goods for childproofing to closely match their décor as much as possible.  We frequently stain or paint wall and post mounts for our clients. 

When we are at client’s homes, whether during a evaluation or during the installation of goods, we are always on the lookout for other safety issues, like loose hand rails, old smoke detectors, fire escape routes, carbon monoxide detectors and the like.  Our goal is to help keep our clients’ homes as safe as possible. 

Childproofing your home is a first defense against household accidents, but it is not a substitution for proper adult supervision.

When Should You Start Childproofing?

Until they make kids that can’t get hurt, there’s Colorado Childproofers, LLC.  It is never too soon or too late to childproof your home. While the hazards may change as your child grows from infant to toddler, and from toddler to preschooler, the level of risk does not.  Our recommendation is to start the childproofing process at 6-7 months.  That way you are ready when they all of a sudden start crawling.

For example, as your child gains mobility and learns to crawl and then walk, hazards such as loose crib sheets may become less of a danger, but falls, exposed outlets, sharp edges on furniture and the like becomes a constant concern.

Whether your child is beginning to crawl, walk or even run and climb, we help make your home a safer place for your child.

Contact us today to schedule your in-home safety evaluation or the installation of childproofing products at (303) 726-6828 or at 


Products and/or other information presented on this website are meant to only be deterrents. They are not meant to substitute for adult supervision of children and will not prevent all accidents or injuries.  Children should be attentively and properly supervised at all times. Colorado Childproofers does not offer any warranty or guarantee as to the viability of any safety goods they offer. Any manufacturer warranties are included with items sold.  Colorado Childproofers' liability is limited to exchanging, replacing, or refunding the cost of any products as per our written policies.  Any other liability or responsibility is not implied and will not be honored. Further, the ultimate decision as to what you choose to have childproofed in your home is up to you.

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